Alanna Reagan, L.C.S.W.-R.
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Your potential for growth is connected to your capacity for understanding self and others and discovering ways to be responsive and caring without losing your individual sense of self. 

My practice approach is to provide an empathic and engaged presence in order to deal with the presenting problems and needs of the individual, couple or family. A safe, supportive therapeutic environment is a central aspect to this process. Another aspect is my belief in the unique strengths and qualities of the individual. Each person has core strengths that can be discovered and drawn upon in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment. Together the client and I identify and amplify these strengths to address their problems and concerns.

My focus is to find the most effective strategies to help resolve the pain or frustration that has brought clients to my office. I have successfully treated clients experiencing depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, alcoholism and substance abuse, family life cycle transitions, relationship and employment problems, and emotional and adjustment difficulties stemming from medical illness and loss. I utilize both long term and short term solution focused therapies to balance the needs of my clients with the nature of their problems at hand.

When you or someone you care about is experiencing such life challenges and transitions, therapy can help you manage and improve your situation. You will learn to identify negative behavior and thought patterns, develop insight and awareness into your problems, and establish new strategies for living. You will begin to cope and function more capably, make healthier decisions, and communicate needs and expectations more effectively with others.